Tutorial Preto E Azul Turquesa

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Imagens : AngelY

1. STEP 1
Apply the black eye shadow and create the shape
2. STEP 2
Blend it gently in the crease
3. STEP 3
Add the same black eye shadow on the bottom lid
4. STEP 4
Add a white eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes, this will make your eyes look more open
5. STEP 5
Apply some white eye shadow under the eyebrow and blend it in
6. STEP 6
Add some colorful eye shadow (the color you prefer) in the middle of your bottom lid
7. STEP 7
Line your top eyelid with the gel liner, pencil or liquid of your choice
8. STEP 8
Line your waterline with a black pencil
9. STEP 9
Add a silver eye shadow in the middle of your top eyelid
10. STEP 10
Apply false lashes using tweezers
11. STEP 11
Apply mascara and your look is complete
You have now accomplished your desired look. Go show it off :)

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