Tutorial - Classico

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1. Shimmering Silver
Add a bright, shimmering silver eyeshadow to your inner half of the lid
2. Mercury Silver
Add a darker shade of silver to your other half
3. Black
Add a black eyeshadow. You can adapt this to your eye and occasion. I wanted something more dramatic so I went over my natural crease.
4. Dragon scales
Blend a brown or burgundy color over the black used before. I used Lime Crime's Dragon Scales as it has a "chameleon" effect.
5. Highlight
Highlight your browbone with any shimmering white or ivory.
6. Lower lashline
Line your lower lash line in this order...1/3 Black from the outer corner of your eye, 1/3 shimmering silver to inner corner and in between, the last 1/3 add Dragon Scales.
7. Eyeliner and mascara
Line your eyes and mascara your lashes. You can totally add falsies if you want to.
You have now accomplished your desired look. Go show it off :)

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